Mourning the Attacks on Sri Lanka

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As I awoke to a beautiful Easter morning here in Atlanta, dark clouds gathered in my heart to read of the multiple bombings on Easter Sunday in Colombo, Sri Lanka. My mind flashed back to two years ago on Palm Sunday when something similar happened to worshippers in Cairo.

We hear reports of around 300 dead, with several hundred injured. The pictures of screaming people are heartbreaking. I have heard from a couple of the hotels where I have stayed or spoken where people died. One person said, “Four of my colleagues were killed today.” I have no doubt some of them have served me breakfast there previously.

These events are a heartbreaking reminder of what happens when hate overcomes love and even mere decency is buried with the hands of cruelty. How anyone can place explosives and walk away not even knowing who will be killed by the blast tells us nobody has value to such people. There’s a derangement that grieves the soul. Life goes on, but for many, with a crushed spirit.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. The coastline in the city of Colombo from the hotel windows is spectacular. It is a country that has suffered much with terrorism. I pray this will be a turning point for the citizens who love peace to do whatever can be done to bring to justice such horror-driven individuals. The fact is, one day they will stand before the judge of all the earth.

Later this week our Sri Lankan colleague, Max Jeganathan, will bring us an update.

Today we send the Sri Lankan people our love and to our Lord, prayers for healing. Good Friday is the reminder that sin is murderous. Easter is the reminder that death is not the end. May the God of peace triumph through this tragedy.

Ravi on behalf of the RZIM team

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