Gideon OdomaNigeria

    Gideon Odoma is from Jos, Nigeria, and he graduated from the OCCA Programme in 2013. Gideon is a RZIM Africa Adjunct based in Nigeria.

    Prior to completing the OCCA Programme, Gideon completed a Bachelor’s degree in geography from University of Jos, Nigeria.

    Gideon enjoys seeing people challenged and/or changed as he shares the claims of the Gospel of Christ with them and says this is a humbling delight.

    Gideon enjoys speaking on a range of topics including Christian exclusivity and religious diversity, the moral argument for God’s existence, science and religion, and “Why I am a Christian”.

    Outside of RZIM, Gideon is a full-time itinerant preacher. Evangelism, apologetics, Bible teaching, and leadership development are his core areas. He speaks regularly on university campus missions and has also been a part of RZIM mission weeks in Uganda. In 2015, he started the first-ever Christian apologetics training institute in Nigeria.

    Gideon is married to Hassana and they have a young family.