Racheal MutesiUganda

    Racheal Mutesi Kwetolaku is an adjunct and speaker for RZIM Africa and currently lives in Uganda.

    She holds a Bachelors of Commerce from Makerere University and has also studied Theology and Apologetics at OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. Racheal is the founder and a Girls’ ambassador for Ufahari Girls Ministries.

    The vision for Ufahari Girls Ministries is to see the empowerment of girls within society in a self-sufficient way, through sustainable development of Christian Apologetics and Evangelism, Education, Discipleship, Agriculture, Poverty Alleviation and improved Health Care. In addition, Racheal is the Missions Coordinator at St. Nicholas Church of Uganda, Kalerwe.

    She is a girls advocate, preacher and mentor.