Training men and women to defend the power and coherence of the gospel of Jesus Christ is an integral part of Ravi Zacharias’s vision for RZIM. Our hope is to empower you to engage in earnest conversations with those who have honest questions about the Christian faith. See our study program options and training details below.


The RZIM Academy is an online training curriculum designed to help individuals become better equipped to give an answer to the reason for the hope that they have.


REBOOT meets in major cities across the globe to provide a place for young people, with or without any faith or church background, to raise their objections and investigate different perspectives on life.


OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics is RZIM’s autonomous study centre based in Oxford, England. Established in 2005, OCCA offers a range of programs.


  • Oh I loved doing the RZIM Core Module!

    Lisa Coetzee
  • It was the best studying with the RZIM Academy

    Liesl Warton